Newsletter XTRA #68

Friday, September 16, 2022 by Extinction Rebellion

Welcome to Newsletter Xtra, where rebel actions and other stories we couldn’t fit into the main Global Newsletter have their moment in the sunlight. This month we bring you reports from Peru to Italy, Australia to East Africa, the UK to the USA, and many more…

15 AUG | Lima, Peru: The Extinction Rebellion logo is spotted in the streets of the Peruvian capital.

2 SEP | London, UK: Three rebel women superglued themselves by the Speaker’s Chair in the UK parliament’s House of Commons, while colleagues held banners to demand a Citizens’ Assembly to address the climate crisis.

Before being arrested, they said: “It is possible to act on climate and costs in a way that is fair and supports everyone. But our political system is too out of date and out of touch to see beyond the next election cycle and do what needs to be done. We need new ways of making decisions where more voices are heard, not just those at the top. We need a Citizens’ Assembly, NOW!”

5 - 8 SEP | Milan, Italy: Rebel Scientists occupied the entrance to the 2022 Gastech exhibition and conference, described as ‘a landmark event’ in the energy industry’s calendar. They sought to expose the ‘dirty lie’ that gas is a partial solution to the climate crisis.

11 SEP | Israel: A rebel doctor has started a hunger strike for the climate, demanding that the prime minister declare a climate emergency and a pathway to net zero. More activists have joined him to form a hunger strike camp, and media interest is high. So far only one politician has visited (centre) and the prime minister's office has refused to take the letter of demands.

29 AUG | Adelaide, Australia: A lone rebel glued their hand to the headquarters of the Labor Party in Adelaide to mark 100 days since the Australian election - 100 days in which the new Labor-dominated government has shown “a woeful lack of action to curtail the fossil fuel industry.”

14 AUG | Ibiza, Spain: Extinction Rebellion Ibiza protest against the pollution and overcrowding generated by cruise ships.

23 & 26 AUG | UK: Just Stop Oil activists from across the country blocked service stations and decommissioned pumps across the country to demand that the government end new oil and gas projects in the UK. Dramatic footage showed police officers rushing to arrest individuals who were smashing petrol pumps in London. Just Stop Oil said, “You should be arresting the UK Government for crimes against humanity. We are in resistance because they are killing us all, including you.”

26 AUG | Kenya & Uganda: Climate activists demonstrating in Kenya (left) and Uganda (right).

9 SEP | Sirajganj, Bangladesh: Bangladeshi climate activists on Fridays For Future climate strike.

14 AUG | Trondheim, Norway: Stop Oil activists blocked the Arctic Tour cycle race south of Trondheim to get Norwegians to ask themselves "Is it acceptable for our government to carry on issuing oil licences when we all know it causes massive suffering?"

2 SEP | Bourne, USA: A posse of red rebels demonstrated for climate change as thousands of holidaymakers made their way onto the Bourne Bridge, which connects the bulk of Massachusetts to Cape Cod, for the Labor Day weekend.

3 - 8 SEP | UK: Animal Rebellion activists carried out a series of blockades of milk distribution depots and sabotaged vehicles to demand that the UK government stop funding the destructive animal farming industry and instead support farmers in a transition to a plant-based future.

26 AUG | Alicante, Spain: XR Alicante and XR Murcia performed a die-in while red rebels mourned on the esplanade next to the city’s port and beach.

19 AUG | Stockholm, Sweden: Greta Thunberg, on the 4th anniversary of her school strike for the climate: “I started striking from school on August 20th 2018 ahead of the Swedish general election. It has now been 4 years since then, and a new election is on its way. We are still here, but the climate crisis is still absent from the debate.”

Über die Rebellion

extinction rebellion ist eine selbstorganisierte, dezentralisierte, internationale und politisch unabhängige Bewegung, die gewaltfreien zivilen Widerstand einsetzt, um Regierungen dazu zu bewegen, auf gerechte Art und Weise auf die ökologische Krise und den Klimanotstand zu reagieren. Die Menschen in unserer Bewegung kommen aus allen Lebensbereichen und bringen auf unterschiedliche Weise ihre Zeit und Energie ein. Wahrscheinlich gibt es eine lokale Gruppe ganz in deiner Nähe, und wir würden uns freuen, von dir zu hören. Mach mit …or erwäge eine Spende zu machen.