Te Marae O Hine Friday's For Future with XRM Come hang out in the Square with us every Friday morning as we keep the conversation about the need for urgent and courageous action for climate justice. Local government is ...
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Wellington Central KEEP THE COAL IN THE HOLE TOUR Keep The Coal in the Hole Tour. Meet at Frank Kitts Park at 10am #drawthelineonfossilfuels Join us for a family-friendly tour to evict Fossil Fools on behalf of all life. ...
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Te Whanganui-a-Tara Spring Rebellion NEW DATES Spring Rebellion: Rebel for all Life October 23rd - 28th REBEL FOR ALL LIFE registration form https://xranz.involve.me/spring-rebellion-2021-registration (please complete even if you have completed the previous survey as ...
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Cafe Royale Climate Cafe Will coffee survive the 6th mass extinction???? This isn't the most urgent question we need answers to but if we can imagine the world we want to see we might ...
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Made with love and rage by XR Global Support Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a do-it-together movement. All our design and artwork can be used non-commercially for the purpose of planet saving. This does not mean creating merchandise for fundraising or sending XR a percentage of your sales. We do not endorse or create any merchandise and we will pursue and prosecute anyone who does. The Extinction Symbol was designed in 2011 by street artist ESP, who loans XR usage on the same basis: www.extinctionsymbol.info