There are many ways to support the rebellion.


Extinction Rebellion Global Support is the mycelium nurturing the structures on which the worldwide rebellion grows and works. We feed the resources for 160,000 rebels in 1257 groups in 86 countries. We need to reach tipping points in fundraising before the ecological tipping points overwhelm us all.

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Financial Support provides so much to so many!

We are the mycelium

Donate money, every dollar/euro/peso/yen counts. If you are able to make a significant cash donation, we can now offer tax receipts. Please use the contact form and we will help make your philanthropy mission cohesive.

Donate non-cash assets

We can now accept many non-cash assets like stocks, bonds and shares. We can offer you tax relief on these donations. Please use the contact form and we will ensure your gift-giving has maximum benefits.

Are you a cryptopreneur?

Does defi excite you? XR GS is moving into these spaces with a clear eco-conscious mission. Please contact us via the form or connect with us on Twitter or Gitcoin.

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Want to help in non-financial ways?

Become a rebel

Volunteer with XR Global Support (GS), or one of our many branches.

Become a clicktivist

Follow us on social medias and amplify the voices of the global rebellion.

Show your support

Download and print a window poster, or get crafty and pick a stencil to print your own t-shirt or flag.

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Where does your money go?

XR Global Support distributes resources and finances throughout the worldwide rebellion. Funds raised are distributed in the Global South and to Most Affected People and Areas (MAPA) via direct grants; infrastructure and connectivity; and for some, basic volunteer living expenses; to allow those working for a viable future to demand the truth.

Through partnerships we offer new philanthropic gift-giving pathways, offering tax receipts on major donations, and with the ability to accept stocks, bonds and other non-cash assets. We are now moving to accept cryptocurrencies as the financial landscapes evolve into the digital arena.

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