General questions

What is XR?

Extinction Rebellion (XR) is an international, politically non-partisan movement using non-violent direct action to persuade governments to act justly on the climate and ecological crisis.

XR is an autonomous, decentralized movement. Anyone who agrees with and adheres to our 10 Principles & Values and three core Demands can act in the name of XR. The 10 Principles & Values not only frame everything we do, but also empower us in creating a new way of interacting and organizing.

What is regenerative culture?

Regenerative Culture in XR is all about care, respect, and compassion. Treating other people like people. It is at the heart of XR, right alongside nonviolence. And the two overlap. A group cannot be XR without Regen. Regenerative culture focuses on mutual support through:

  • Self-care — how we take care of our own needs and personal recovery from this toxic system.

  • Action care — how we take care of each other whilst we undertake direct actions and civil disobedience together.

  • Interpersonal care — how we take care of the relationships we have, being mindful of how we affect each other, taking charge of our side of relationships.

  • Community care — how we take care of our development as a network and community, strengthening our connections and understanding of our principles and values.

  • People and planet care — how we look after our wider communities and the earth that sustains us all.

More information can be found in our Regen 101 Booklet

Can the Principles & Values be taken individually or changed?

No, the Principles & Values are not siloed or separate. They all interact with each other and none can be left out or deprioritized. We are creating a new space, a new movement, and our Principles & Values are a core part of this.

Does autonomy and decentralisation mean groups or individuals can do whatever they want?

No, in order to act in the name of XR, groups and individuals must adhere to each and every one of the 10 Principles & Values and have the 3 core Demands.

What unites all XR groups across the world is the idea that change is needed to deal with our climate and ecological crisis, and that we must organize and act to ensure government and business act as if the truth were real.

Autonomy also means responsibility. As XR does not have a headquarters, issues cannot be escalated. GS provides tools, resources, and guidance if and when issues arise or other support is needed, but does not act as a governance structure.

Working in this decentralized, self-organizing way is new for many of us. Take an SOS training locally or online to learn more.

Getting involved

How can I join or contact my local, regional, or national XR group?

Find all active local, regional, and national groups on this map. If your group is not on the map, you can add/update the map.

There is no group near me, can I still contribute?

Definitely! There are a number of ways to do this, you can start your own group, join the Global Support, and/or donate to the movement.

Do I have to get arrested?

No. This is not a universal XR tactic. The situations in different countries and for different groups of people within countries are very different, with different risks and impact. It is not a requirement to be arrestable to be in XR. With the principle of autonomy, individuals and groups decide what is right for them and what makes sense in their context. There are also many roles within XR (such as tech or regenerative culture) that are crucial to the movement succeeding that do not require being arrestable.

How can I add my group to

If your group is not on already, you can add/update it here.

How can I add my event to

If your group is already on any events on social media will be added automatically, you don't need to do anything. If youre event still isn't showing up, please check that the event on social media has a valid street address. If your group is on and your event has a valid street address, please contact our web team

Getting in touch

Where can I direct a media enquiry?

Kindly direct all media enquires for Extinction Rebellion here.

Where can I direct a question or enquiry about this website?

Kindly fill in this contact form to get in touch with the Web Team.

Where can I share my project or idea?

Please go to the facebook group XR News and Discussions and/or join your group where you can access other national and global platforms.

We regret that we are unable to publicise non-XR events, books, films or songs.

Materials are not available in my language. How can I request a translation or offer translations support?

XR is a global movement and we are working to have materials and available in more and more lanagues. If you would like to request a specific translation or can offer services as a translator, please let us know through this contact form.

I want XR To address a certain problem or adopt a particular strategy. Where can I direct or share this?

Contacts via this website are picked up by Global Support and our role is to support XR groups around the world. We are not a decision-making body for XR. In fact, there is no such body. Any person or group is free to operate as an XR group as long as they adhere to the Principles and Values. Please feel free to connect with other rebels who may share the same goals via the facebook group XR News and Discussions or other national and international platforms that can be accessed via your group.

I have a solution to the climate and ecological crisis. Where can I present or share this?

Our third demand on the creation of a Citizens’ Assembly addresses the need for democratically chosen solutions, therefore we do not propose or endorse specific solutions ourselves. We already know most of the threats and solutions; so do the authorities, so do the scientists and so do business and industry. XR's job is to get action and to take action. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavours to create a better world.

How can I complain about an XR action?

We may or may not agree every time on the approach that Extinction Rebellion uses to keep the attention of the world on the looming ecological catastrophe and climate crisis, but we feel compelled to continue to act.

Each national and group within Extinction Rebellion is able to decide for themselves how they will keep these vital and life-threatening topics in the public arena.

They do not have to seek permission to plan and carry out their specific local actions as long as they stick to the core principles.

Consequently if an action you seek to make a complaint about was initiated by a local, regional, national or affinity group you should attempt to communicate with them directly. You can do that by searching for them on this map or on Facebook. We at Global Support do not plan or influence actions.

Global Support

What is Global Support?

Global Support is Extinction Rebellion’s international support body for Extinction Rebellion groups internationally, facilitating the flow of resources and material between groups and offering support in the form of training, funding and general comms. Global Support offers the resources to start and support the growth of Extinction Rebellion groups across the world based on their local needs and strategies.

One thing Global Support is not is a headquarters or a decision-making body for the entire movement. Global Support can facilitate global decision-making, such as the next international rebellion date, but are not the ultimate deciders.

Global Support is structured around SOS (self organizing system). Power is invested in roles through the use of mandates rather than held by people. It is a creative system that grows in response to the organization's needs. At a very high level, each working group has a specific mandate and anything within that mandate they just get done, without needing to consult all other working groups. This allows us to move and work quickly without having to rely on traditional hierarchies of decision-making. Groups have internal and external coordinators who facilitate internal work and communicate with other working groups, respectively. There is also much collaborative work happening across and between working groups.

Who is in Global Support?

All Global Support working groups and active project groups can be found on our Glassfrog (Glassfrog is a tool to visualize our SOS structure). You can find the Mattermost handles of Global Support working group members and team contact emails there.

How does Global Support make decisions?

For anything within a working group mandate, the working group makes the decision themselves, getting as much or as little feedback as they feel is necessary using some form of the Advice Process. For decisions beyond a single working group mandate, proposals can be brought up in wider circle calls which employ an integrated decision making process that intends to support collaboration and creativity by needing all proposals to pass with ‘no objection’.

Does XR Global Support support more than the three demands?

Yes, Global Support supports groups who have the three core demands and additional demands, provided they do not conflict with the three core demands or any of the Principles & Values.

Can Global Support decide what groups are XR or not?

Global Support does not decide whether a group is XR or not, what decides that is whether a group is living and applying the 10 Principles & Values and working towards the 3 core Demands. Global Support Regional Liaisons work with groups to ensure they have the right tools and training to apply these and can advise on whether groups are doing so or otherwise.

Can Global Support decide who is a member of a local or national XR group?

No, only those in the local or national groups can decide that. Global Support can provide advice on creating constitutions, decision-making processes, and conflict mediation, but not play judge.

How does Global Support know what is happening in groups? How can groups get in touch with Global Support working groups?

Global Support working groups have chats and channels on Mattermost to ensure there are direct communication links and many also have open calls. This provides a space for feedback, questions, and idea sharing between groups as well as with Global Support working groups.

Regional Liaisons are also a key communication bridge between groups and Global Support. If there are any updates from Global Support, for example a new grant round, Global Support Regional Liaisons are responsible for ensuring all groups in their region get the information. If a group needs something, for example a server or specific training, they can ask the Global Support Regional Liaison for support in finding this. Global Support Regional Liaisons also review grant applications to advise on whether groups are in keeping with the 10 Principles & Values and whether based on the size and development of the group the amount makes sense.

Do Global Support members get paid?

Some members of Global Support receive a stipend to help cover living expenses.

Finance & Funding

Where does the Money provided in grant rounds come from?

Funding can come from our Crowdfunder or specific funders. The source of funds is always shared as part of the grant round documentation, groups are encouraged to do their own research and make their own decision.

Can groups do their own fundraising?

Yes, this is very encouraged. Find Guidance on setting up a Finance and Fundraising Team here. We do not want groups to become dependent on Global Support’s fundraising - we are a decentralized network. We aim to only seed fund the needs of XR groups internationally based on their requests.