We've kept things quiet for a while now with some low-key vigils outside Senate House to remind the University that its time to cut ties with fossil fuel companies like Schlumberger (now renamed "SLB"). Now it's time to TURN UP THE VOLUME and reignite our campaign! If you think it's time the University of Cambridge cut all ties with Schlumberger, show up at Senate House and make your voice heard. The noisy part of the action will be followed by a quiet Silent Rebellion at 11.30 (TBC). ACCESSIBILITY - Toilets: Paid public toilets on Christ's Pieces; Free toilets in Grand Arcade (accessible) - Public transport: The nearest bus station is Drummer Street, near the meeting point. There are also bus stops on Emmanuel Street and St Andrews Street, very nearby. - Action will involve sitting or standing outside the Senate House. You can of course come and go as you please. If you need a chair, please bring your own. - Action may also include a short march. - The first hour of the action may be noisy, so bring ear defenders if you would like to come but are concerned about noise levels. Image description: People dressed in inflatable dinosaur suits with a fake oil rig marked "Schlumberger". Photo credit: Ams Hall

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