XR Unchained #19

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 by Extinction Rebellion

12 Dec | France: Rebels held a gruesome birthday party in front of the Eiffel Tower to mark 5 years of the Paris climate agreement. They later set fire to a banner of its name

11 Dec | UK: Projections appeared in 14 cities across the world, including London (above), on the eve of the Paris Agreement anniversary. The action marked the global launch of the XR COP26 group who will pressure world leaders to deliver in Glasgow later this year.

12 Dec | Spain: Rebel cleaners in Bilbao in the Basque country. The Paris Agreement anniversary saw rebels mobilise in more than 25 towns across Spain to demand real measures that limit global temperature to a 1.5 ºC rise and an end to fossil fuels.

10 Dec | Nigeria: Rebels commemorated South African environmentalist Fikile Ntshangase who was gunned down in front of her grandson in October. Fikile was involved in a long campaign against a huge open-cast coal mine trying to displace families so it can expand.

18 Dec | The Netherlands: Dutch rebels blockaded 2 entrances to Schiphol Airport, gluing their hands to doors and floors before being taken into police custody. Photo: Marechaussee

23 Dec | Canada: Vancouver rebels shut down the main branch of the Royal Bank of Canada for the day. All it took was 3 ghosts (of Christmas past, present, and future) the bank’s CEO (played by a rebel) and some hard truths about how his bank finances the climate and ecological crisis.

4 Dec | New Zealand: About 50 rebels locked onto railway tracks at Dunedin railway station to block a shipment of coal from Bathurst Resources’ Takitimu mine in Southland to Fonterra’s milk drying factory near Temuka.

30 Dec | Sweden: Stockholm rebels posed as directors of 3 large oil companies outside the Norwegian embassy to toast in champagne the licenses given to 13 oil companies to drill for oil in the Arctic.

6 Jan | USA: New York City activists responded to Alaska Native leaders’ call for an international day of solidarity to stop oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

6 Dec | Czech Republic: Prague rebels and other environmental and human rights organisations demonstrated in front of 7 ministries to demand that the government support a 65% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Photos: Petr Zewlakk Vrabec

10 Dec | Tasmania: 9 Hobart rebels are arrested after protesting 4 ‘dirty’ Australian banks.

12 Dec | Austria: Red rebels and other members of XR blocked the road outside the Vienna Opera as part of the international day of action against fracking - ShaleMustFall.

13 Dec | Australia: A flotilla of rebel canoes on the Yarra River helped to celebrate the Festival for Love + Rage in Melbourne.

27 Dec | Israel: A rebel widow clutching the Earth was one of hundreds who disrupted Jerusalem on the last day of XR Israel’s wave of rebellion.

7 - 8 Dec | Germany: The last tree house is demolished and protestors removed as police & contractors clear the way through the Dannenroder forest for the A49 autobahn extension. But a local rebel said: “The seedling of resistance has been sown and is sprouting everywhere! We are weeds that don’t go away, weeds that break through asphalt!”

O rebelii

Rebelie proti vyhynutí je decentralizované mezinárodní nepolitické hnutí, které pomocí nenásilných přímých akcí a občanské neposlušnosti přesvědčuje vlády, aby spravedlivě jednaly proti klimatické a ekologické krizi. Naše hnutí je tvořeno lidmi ze všech koutů, kteří různými způsoby přispívají svým časem a energií. Možná máme místní skupinu blízko vás a rádi vás mezi námi přivítáme. Zapojte se …nebo zvažte finanční podporu.

Vytvořeno s láskou a odvahou Rebelie proti vyhynutí (Extinction Rebelliion, XR) je naše společné hnutí. Všechny naše výtvarné motivy a umělecká díla mohou být nekomerčně využívána pro záchranu planety. To neznamená výrobu propagačních předmětů k prodeji ani odvádění části zisku na účet XR. Neschvalujeme ani neprovozujeme merchandising a budeme postihovat každého, kdo by to dělal. Symbol vyhynutí vytvořil v roce 2011 pouliční umělec ESP a propůjčil ho Rebelii za stejných podmínek: www.extinctionsymbol.info