THIS TALK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE Register here: Meeting ID: 899 1356 2606 Passcode: 403813 Are you new to Extinction Rebellion? This brand new updated version of "Heading for Extinction" talk will kickstart your journey. We'll explain the science of the climate and ecological emergency to understand the enormity of the situation we are facing. Then we will introduce Extinction Rebellion's approach to bringing about the change we need. This talk, which we offer online twice a month on a Wednesday at 7-8.30pm, is a recommended introduction to the most pressing issue facing every human on the planet. ☕ Bring a friend and a cup of tea for this 1-hour event! (+ extra time for questions!) Register here: Meeting ID: 899 1356 2606 Passcode: 403813 It's time to hear the truth about the climate and ecological crisis and what we need to do. This session is free, but any contribution to the rebellion would be highly appreciated! Set up a monthly donation: Contribute to the Extinction Rebellion Crowdfunder: Contribute to Extinction Rebellion via the website: -

Joyina umcimbi