Huntsville Welcome to Extinction Rebellion (Tues, 7pm) REGISTER HERE: Based in the North of England? Sign up to one of the Northern welcome sessions! Stuck at home because of Covid? Want to do something that ...
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Kifissia Roots of Regenerative Culture "The most important training available at the moment." - A recent participant By understanding nature’s pattern language of regeneration, we can apply that understanding to inform us when consciously creating ...
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Kifissia Building Relationships: Discussing XR's role in a Movement of Movements Join Call here: In a rapidly polarising world faced with mass extinction and societal collapse, Extinction Rebellion has emerged as a movement aiming to achieve disruptive action that causes ...
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Extinction Rebellion North - Events How to run an Intro to Extinction Rebellion REGISTER HERE: For those thinking of delivering an induction, welcoming session or introduction to XR in their local area or community. Delivering intros to XR is hugely rewarding - ...
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文京区 Introduction to XR North Join us to learn all about how XR North works, what we’re about and how and why to get involved. Register in advance for this meeting: After registering, you ...
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文京区 Ask a Scientist LIVE: the CEE Bill The UK government is still doing too little to tackle the #ClimateEmergency & #EcologicalEmergency. Is the #CEEBill the answer? Join us to ask questions of our panel of experts: • ...
文京区 Stop HS2 Zoom Meeting HS2 (High Speed 2) is set to cost £108 billion and is rising. This works out at £4,000 for every taxpayer in England. Even before Covid it didn't add up. ...
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Kifissia Growing Regenerative Cultures "Right at the core of my heart's longing" A recent participant. Growing Regenerative Cultures is a deep dive exploration of what we all need, in order to be supported in ...
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Extinction Rebellion North - Events Extinction Rebellion Working Class Presents ARREST STORIES FOR THE CURIOUS What motivates Extinction Rebellion Arrestees? Huge sacrifice is required. How are the personal consequences overcome? Find out more during an evening with our speakers. Extinction Rebellion Working class presents: 'ARREST ...
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Сделано с любовью и яростью Восстание Против Вымирания (Extinction Rebellion "XR") - это совместное движение творческих людей, работы которых не могут быть использованы в коммерческих целях. Главной задачей движения является сохранение нашей Планеты. Оно не подразумевает создание товаров для сбора средств или отправку XR процента от ваших продаж. Мы будем преследовать в судебном порядке всех, кто это делает. Символ движения был разработан в 2011 году уличным художником ESP, который полностью следует принципам XR :