Newsletter XTRA #62

Friday, March 18, 2022 by Extinction Rebellion

Welcome to Newsletter Xtra where all the wonderful rebel actions we couldn’t fit into the main Global Newsletter come to stay. This month Newsletter Xtra brings you reports from Italy, France, Hawaii, Democratic Republic of Congo, Australia, Wales and more...

18 FEB | Rome, Italy Victory! After 11 days of hunger strike by 3 Last Generation rebels, the Minister of Ecological Transition finally agreed to a public meeting with them.

23 FEB | UK Victory! The national advertising watchdog bans adverts by drinks giant Innocent for greenwashing, after a campaign by Plastics Rebellion.

8 MAR | O’ahu, Hawaii Victory! Following months of pressure by the O’ahu Water Protectors, the Pentagon announced the closure of the US Navy’s Red Hill Fuel Tank Facility, which most recently leaked thousands of gallons of fuel into O’ahu sole aquifer in 2021.

12 MAR | Paris, France Some 80,000 people marched in the French capital to demand climate action and social justice.

12 MAR | Rutshuru, Democratic Republic of Congo XR Rutshuru conducted discussions about the climate and fossil fuels. 35 men and women, including young community leaders, reviewed the recent IPCC report warning of the incalculable consequences of global warming within the next two decades if nothing is done.

6 MAR | Berlin, Germany Members of Scientist Rebellion took direct action outside the German headquarters of Russian fossil fuel giant Gazprom and Wintershall Dea, a German oil and gas company with operations in Russia. Four activists were held by police.

1 MAR | Vienna, Austria Meanwhile, a fellow rebel scientist reached day 29 of her hunger strike to demand that the mayor of Vienna hold a public debate on a new highway project. She has had no answer so far.

1 MAR | Sydney, Australia Floodproof Australia, a sister organisation of Fireproof Australia, blocked King Street to protest government inaction over the massive floods sweeping the country. Meanwhile Fireproof Australia has said it is going to block Sydney’s major roads consistently and non-violently, week after week, until the government meets its demands for climate action.

12 MAR | Aberpergwm, Wales A father-daughter rebel team stand outside Aberpergwm colliery to call out the greenwashing of owner EnergyBuild, which was recently given a licence to mine 40 million tonnes of coal. "I wanted to come today to make a stand for the younger generation everywhere," said the younger rebel.

27 FEB | France Rebels blockaded the stall of the national farmer’s union at an agricultural expo. They demanded a decarbonised food system and were met with violent security. 20 were taken away by police.

26 FEB | Dijon, France Rebels buried Nature and Biodiversity following a funeral procession through Dijon city centre. Photo: Alicia Warcholinski.

26 FEB | Chambery, France French rebels lie down in the airport of Chambéry Savoie Mont-Blanc, telling passengers to “Stay Grounded”.

5 MARCH | Bristol, UK XR Youth Bristol visit their local airport to protest its planned expansion. The local council and residents opposed the plan but the UK government forced it through.

About the Rebellion

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