Hosted by Huddersfield Quaker Meeting in association with Extinction Rebellion, the Earth Vigil is an opportunity to reflect on, to share and to support each other, in our reactions to the climate and ecological crisis. Following the Quaker tradition we meet together in silence, and speak when moved to do so, with all contributions being valued and respected. The crisis presents all of us with questions we cannot easily answer and which we have to find ways to live with. How do we cope when we have a real awareness of the situation we are now in? How do we continue to act and work for a better future when we feel despair? How did we get here at all? How can we live with hope despite what the science is telling us? Whether we reflect on the roots of the crisis or on our own responses to it, the Earth Vigil is an opportunity to do so in a sharing supportive environment. There will be an opportunity afterwards to share a simple vegan soup and bread supper.

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