Online event Street Outreach Skills STREET OUTREACH TRAINING ➡️ Register here: https://xrb.link/bP95Ca3P 🌳 Growing our movement is key for 2023. 👥 To do this we need to be able to speak to and engage the ...
Další informace Thu, Jan 12 - Jan 16
Online event Connecting Through Life Stories We can do amazing things when we come together as a united force, and hold together through the many difficulties that we face. This means building good, strong relationships with ...
Další informace Tue, Jan 10 - Feb 07
Cardiff Quakers Monthly in-person meeting, Quaker Meeting House, 2pm first Sat of the month Whether you are an active member of XR or you just joined and want to learn about what's going on, you have a place in this general, in-person meeting. You ...
Další informace Sat, Jan 07 - Oct 07
Various Rhythm Rebels Samba practice, Weds at 6pm - DM for location Samba plays an important and exciting part in carnivals, marches and protests and anyone can get involved. We tend to change locations, depending on the weather, so please get in ...
Další informace Wed, Jan 04 - Apr 26
Online event Welcome to Extinction Rebellion! Welcome to Extinction Rebellion (XR) usually takes 1.5 hours, and then we allow 30 minutes (20.30-21.00) for questions and discussion at the end. REGISTER HERE: https://xrb.link/xy75Uq Want to do something ...
Další informace Tue, Jan 03 - Dec 19