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8 Mar - 7 Apr
Odloženo - Projekce dokumentu Žal žen

Odloženo - Projekce dokumentu Žal žen

Událost byla z důvodu vládních nařízení vázaných na koronavirovou pandemii dočasně odsunuta z původního data. Až se situace vrátí do normálu, stanovíme nové datum. Děkujeme za pochopení. ~~~~~ Please find...

6 Apr @ 7:00pm
XR Brisbane South General Meeting

XR Brisbane South General Meeting

Join us as we start a new Extinction Rebellion group in the southern suburbs of Brisbane. Many people are still just waking up to the climate emergency and want to...

4 Apr @ 3:00pm
XR Café - Online

XR Café - Online

Kennenlernen – Austauschen – Vernetzen In Zeiten der Corona-Krise möchten wir weiterhin den Raum für Austausch und Vernetzung bieten. Deshalb finden unsere XR-Cafés in nächster Zeit online statt. Du hast...

7 Apr @ 5:30pm
Delayed: the Climate Crisis and what to do about it (ENG)

Delayed: the Climate Crisis and what to do about it (ENG)

You are invited to join the talk ‘the Climate Crisis and what to do about it' 🐦🐍🐋 🍏 Join us for some dinner together after the talk! Details to follow...

13 Mar - 12 Jun


Extinction Rebellion Neuchâtel lance un rendez-vous à tous.tes les rebelles voulant se ressourcer, échanger et partager avec d'autres rebelles. Tous les 2ème et 4ème vendredis du mois, retrouvons-nous au Bar...

10 Jun @ 7:00pm
Gewaltlosigkeit - Begründungen und Dimensionen

Gewaltlosigkeit - Begründungen und Dimensionen

Extinction Rebellion Hannover lädt ein zum XR-Vortrag: „Gewaltlosigkeit“ von Thomas Iffert (Soziologe, XR Hannover). Der Eintritt ist frei. Bringt gerne eure Freund*innen, Verwandten und Kolleg*innen mit. Die Veranstaltung ist Teil...

26 Apr @ 1:00pm
Formation à la désobéissance civile non-violente

Formation à la désobéissance civile non-violente

N'utilisez pas la fonction "PARTICIPE" de l'évènement. Votre inscription ne sera pas valable ! INSCRIPTIONS : https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-formation-a-la-desobeissance-civile-non-violente-xr-fribourg-220320-89812604919?fbclid=IwAR19tHJGUTFwFQhJoEVTO6xFzJcoxuDkSTcP8xLNlhK7lCf8ciHxNfhPVkw Nous reprendrons ensemble les principes de base de la désobéissance civile non-violente :...

5 Apr @ 10:00am
Reporté -> Destination : Catastrophe

Reporté -> Destination : Catastrophe

En raison de la crise sanitaire actuelle, l'action est reportée à une date ultérieure ! --- Interdisons les vols intérieurs ! Maintenant ! Si la France interdisait dès cette année...

3 Apr @ 8:00pm
Watching a Movie together III

Watching a Movie together III

We invite you to watch an online Movie: ------ To watch: Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/514681140 Meeting ID: 514 681 140 ------ Fall and Winter (2013) As Michael Reynolds says in...

15 Jan - 16 Dec
XR Camelford Area Monthly Meet-up

XR Camelford Area Monthly Meet-up

Our regular monthly meet-up for members in Camelford and the surrounding area. Come along and join us for a chin wag. Cake not essential but always welcome :)

24 Apr @ 12:00pm
Globaler Streik Oldenburg

Globaler Streik Oldenburg

Tritt den Protest für mehr Klimagerechtigkeit bei: WhatsApp Info-Chat für FridaysForFuture: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Gel93C5EQZDCPbdVCqTk3g Telegram Info-Chat für Fridaysforfuture: https://t.me/joinchat/LcLY3Beossg_-fRJAtaTmA WhatsApp für Students4Future: https://chat.whatsapp.com/LRCdCyey8Ld12jSsDtCfU6 WhatsApp Info-Chat für Parents4future: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DVsdho9WDQA0OcGs7TEqqg Info E-Mail von Parents4future:...

5 Apr @ 7:30pm
Environmental Film Night II

Environmental Film Night II

Whilst COVID-19 may have put a pause on face to face socialising, we can still show social solidarity (abiding by all NHS guidelines.) To this end, we're hosting a film...

03 Apr 2020

A just transition can help end energy poverty - FORESIGHT

03 Apr 2020

"We cannot be satisfied with #coronavirus recovery plans that only allow us to survive. We must also demand plans that will help us thrive."

We had a chance to shape a better world in 2008 but we went back to the status quo. Let's not repeat that mistake.

03 Apr 2020

As #coronavirus infections hit 1,000,000 + unemployment claims grow by 3,000%, a #rentstrike has spread across the US + Canada with thousands publicly joining the strike + many more refusing to pay as the crisis deepens. Check out our roundup of action. itsgoingdown.org/rent-strike-s

03 Apr 2020

♻ RT @UE@twitter.com:

NEW | As the virus spreads, Brazil’s Amazon gold rush keeps going – fuelling fears for indigenous groups unearthed.greenpeace.org/2020/ @lucyjord @anaterrathayde

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03 Apr 2020

RT @gretathunberg
School strike week 85. Act responsible, your actions can be the difference between life and death for others.
#climatestrikeonline #StayAtHome #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate #flattenthecurve

03 Apr 2020

By refusing refugees, Poles, Hungarians and Czechs 'broke EU law' | News | Al Jazeera

03 Apr 2020

Coronavirus spike on Navajo Nation raises alarms | Coronavirus pandemic News | Al Jazeera

02 Apr 2020

Green Group Urges Nationalization of Oil and Gas Industry Amid Coronavirus Outbreak and Economic Upheaval | Common Dreams News