XR Unchained #15

Thursday, June 18, 2020 by Extinction Rebellion

15 MAY | Christchurch, New Zealand

Rebels protesting against a coal mine

Ten rebels from Extinction Rebellion Christchurch (Ōtautahi) took a colourful stand against Bathurst Resources Ltd’s plan to increase production from its open-cast coal mine at Coalgate and extend its life from 2022 to 2035. The bulk of the coal goes to heat and dry milk powder at Fonterra dairy factories. Fonterra Co-operative Group, a multinational dairy company owned by around 10,500 New Zealand farmers, is responsible for approximately 30% of the world's dairy exports and is New Zealand's largest company.

7 JUN | Quito, Ecuador

rebels in front of a pair of shoes

Masked and distanced rebels placed pairs of shoes on the road outside Ecuador’s National Assembly to remember those who have died defending nature and human rights in the country. They include:

José Tendetza, from the Shuar people of Tundayme, murdered for defending their land.

Edgar Yucailla, a peasant leader in Guamote, killed during the National Strike last year.

Enrique Piaguaje, a traditional doctor from the Siekopai people, who died during the Covid-19 pandemic due to state negligence.

6 JUNE | Rome, Italy

Rebels protesting againg the climate collapse

Roman rebels stood on the parapet of Ponte Sant'Angelo, an ancient bridge crossing the river Tiber, to show how humanity is on the edge of climate collapse.

They held up signs telling their government to stop procrastinating and fulfil its moral duty to protect the Italian people from disaster. You can watch a beautiful video of this bold action. Photo: Stella Levantesi

20 MAY | Imo State, Nigeria

Rebels holding extinction rebellion signs

Extinction Rebellion Nigeria celebrated World Bee Day with a talk show, public enlightenment, and a visit to the Ministry of Environment of Imo State in south-eastern Nigeria.

22 MAY | Zagreb, Croatia

Rebels protesting

Rebels staged a performance outside the National and University Library in Zagreb to protest against oil company INA’s sponsorship of Croatia’s presidency of the EU Council. The Croatian government part owns INA and recently extended its permits to drill for oil and gas in and around the Adriatic sea.

19 MAY | Europe

On the day the Royal Dutch Shell oil company held a virtual Annual Shareholders meeting at its headquarters in The Hague, rebels and Shell Must Fall activists across Europe blocked Shell petrol stations and held a series of protests and demonstrations.

Rebels protesting against Shell

Shell headquarters, The Hague, Netherlands

Rebels protesting against Shell


Rebel protesting against Shell

Czech Republic. The sign reads: “Shell already knew it in 1986”

1 JUN | Horse Hill, near Gatwick Airport, UK

Rebels protesting against fracking

From before dawn brave rebels blocked the entrance to the Horse Hill oil fracking site operated by UK Oil & Gas Investments (UKOG) to protest the continued extraction of fossil fuels and prevent tankers going in and out.

5 JUN | Budapest, Hungary

Rebels pouring oil on a globe

On World Environment Day Hungarian rebels poured oil on the Earth in order to draw attention to the need for systemic change. “The fossil energy industry,” they said, “is taking us closer and closer to a climate catastrophe at an accelerating pace. We demand that policymakers prioritize a green and fair transition rather than bailing out polluting companies!” Photo: Péter Lakatos

21 MAY | New York City, USA

Rebels protesting against Blackrock

Physically distancing activists brought a hot air balloon to Black Rock headquarters in New York to tell its boss, Larry Fink, that the company is full of hot air on climate! In January Fink announced that Black Rock, the world’s largest investment corporation with $7 trillion in assets, would reduce its investments in carbon-intensive energy companies. American rebels say this is just a load of greenwash.

Rebels protesting against Blackrock

22 May, San Francisco

29 MAY | Oslo, Norway

Rebels protesting in Norway

Rebels went to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Ministry of Climate and Environment, and the Storting (parliament) to protest against the Norwegian government’s ‘green’ crisis package. Only 3.6 billion Norwegian krone were set aside for green initiatives, whereas the oil industry has received 100 billion and the airline industry 6 billion. XR Norway said: “The Norwegian authorities consistently choose industry and short-term profits ahead of climate and the environment. The ‘green transition’ is in reality black. Norway continues to fuel global overheating and does little for ecosystems in crisis.”

29 MAY | Spain

Rebels protesting in Spain

Spanish activists placed pairs of shoes in front of town halls in Madrid (above) and 10 other cities to demand citizen participation in developing a green recovery from the pandemic.

5 JUN | Athens, Greece

Rebels protesting in Greece

Greek rebels continue to demand the withdrawal of the so-called Modernization of Environmental Legislation law which in fact withdraws environmental regulations, permitting oil exploration in Greek waters and construction in protected parts of the countryside.

Rebel holding an Act Now sign

“Come to Parliament! It is dawn and now we need you more than ever to be able to continue! We kept the road closed all night! The road remains closed for 12 hours! We are not leaving until the anti-environmental law of Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis is repealed.”

25 MAY | Poznan, Poland

Rebel Protesting in Poland

“Covid Today. Climate Tomorrow. Act Now.”

19 MAY | near Brno, Czech Republic

Crop Circle in the shape of the Extinction Rebellion symbol

“Today, a circle in rapeseed with our logo of an hourglass appeared near Brno. What is the more advanced civilization trying to tell us? 👽 Probably the fact that in the Czech Republic rapeseed cultivation occupies about 15% of arable land - much more than we need. Rapeseed requires a high degree of chemicals, which are lethal to bees, and the herbicides used end up in groundwater.”


反抗灭绝是一个分散的、国际的和政治上无党派的运动,利用非暴力的直接行动和公民抗命来说服政府对气候和生态紧急情况采取公正的行动。 我们的运动是由来自各行各业的人组成的,他们用自己的时间和精力以不同的方式做出贡献。我们很可能有一个离你很近的当地分部,我们很想听到你的声音。 参与进来 ...或考虑捐一次款