Online event Summary Know Your Rights is a key training for all rebels, it covers your basic legal rights, common laws and police tactics used at protests. As well as your rights, it ...
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Zoom XR Intro Talk : Heading for Extinction For all Midlands rebels! 🔥 THIS TALK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 💚 Are you new to XR? This is the place to be! The "Heading for Extinction" talk will kickstart ...
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Online event Using the Media (Spokespeople) Training 🎤 The media can give us excellent opportunities to speak to a huge audience, but can also be our enemy if we don’t know how to approach it. This interactive ...
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Online Summary The Covid-19 recovery is our last chance to remake the world Our Government is missing it We need to do something…something that demonstrates a level of commitment which matches the ...
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Online event XR Brum General Meeting Come and meet our visiting speakers - our Midlands Actions Coordinator will be talking about Rebellion of One - a really exciting proposal - and we'll also be meeting a ...
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Feito com amor e fúria O Extinction Rebellion (XR) é um movimento de ação coletiva. Todo o nosso design e trabalhos artísticos podem ser usados de forma não comercial, com o objetivo de salvar o planeta. Isto não significa criar merchandising para obtenção de fundos, nem enviar para o XR uma percentagem das vendas. Não criamos merchandising e processaremos quem o fizer. O símbolo do Extinction Rebellion foi desenhado em 2011 pelo artista ESP, que o empresta para uso do XR, com o mesmo pressuposto: