Online event Summary UPDATE DUE TO COVID - the meeting is now ONLINE via Zoom: Weekly meetings to plan our local actions to get XR noticed in the area, to recruit new ...
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Perth Perth: Mass Disruption Planning - General Meeting If you wish to join online, here's the Zoom link: On March 22nd, Rebels will begin a wave of disruption in CBDs across the continent. We are rebelling against ...
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Online event Intro to Extinction Rebellion Who are Extinction Rebellion? What are they trying to achieve? Why do they block traffic? How can these actions help avert the worst of the climate emergency? We've been talked ...
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Online event Nonviolence Training for Civil Disobedience - Online - National 6pm AEDT. Register for this event: Nonviolence Training for Civil Disobedience and other forms of Direct Action Presented by XR Australia’s Mass Mobilisation Project 2 x 1.75hr online units ...
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Online event Summary Politics is a battleground - Nonviolent Civil Disobedience as a strategy for system change. As everyday people, we have many tools at our disposal to fight for bottom up change. ...
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Feito com amor e fúria O Extinction Rebellion (XR) é um movimento de ação coletiva. Todo o nosso design e trabalhos artísticos podem ser usados de forma não comercial, com o objetivo de salvar o planeta. Isto não significa criar merchandising para obtenção de fundos, nem enviar para o XR uma percentagem das vendas. Não criamos merchandising e processaremos quem o fizer. O símbolo do Extinction Rebellion foi desenhado em 2011 pelo artista ESP, que o empresta para uso do XR, com o mesmo pressuposto: