Online event XR Introduction Session A welcome and briefing session for new Rebels! Introductory session for people who've not been to meetings yet, want to know a bit more about the foundations of XR, or ...
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Online event SuperEast Supergroup Monthly Meeting SuperEast: New actions-focussed Supergroup for our region. Open to all rebels across the East of England. SuperEast aims to connect and support rebels to develop ideas, plan, resource and coordinate ...
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Online event Using the Media (Spokespeople) Training 🎤 The media can give us excellent opportunities to speak to a huge audience, but can also be our enemy if we don’t know how to approach it. This interactive ...
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Online event Summary New Weekly UK-wide Training Initiative: Cover Your AAS (Activist & Action Support) 🍑 👀 Every Sunday at 3pm UK Actions and Actions Support’s trainers will be offering a rotating menu ...
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Online event Summary 🌿 Emotional and practical preparation for NVDA, particularly arrest. This training aims to realign us with our motivations for acting, to strengthen our communities and address our concerns together, and ...
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Hecho con amor y furia Extinction Rebellion (XR o Rebelión contra la Extinción) es un movimiento que se hace en conjunto. Todos nuestros diseños y obras de arte pueden ser utilizados de manera no comercial con el propósito de salvar el planeta. Esto no significa crear mercancía para recaudar fondos o enviar a XR un porcentaje de sus ventas. No respaldamos ni creamos ninguna mercancía y perseguiremos y denunciaremos a cualquier persona que lo haga. El símbolo de XR fue diseñado en 2011 por el artista callejero ESP, que presta el uso a XR bajo las mismas condiciones: