Newsletter XTRA #66

Friday, July 15, 2022 by Extinction Rebellion

This Newsletter Xtra is crammed full with actions we couldn’t fit into the main Global Newsletter. We’ve got XTRA Debt For Climate actions in Brazil, Tanzania, Colombia, Germany, UK, Argentina, Canada and Mexico. And we’ve got XTRA rebel actions in France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Netherlands, Israel, India, Bangladesh & more.

Debt For Climate XTRA

26 JUNE | São Paulo, Brazil Rebels representing three of the most ecocidal corporations in Brazil (all based in the Global North) interact with a table of (vegan) meat, red paint, styrofoam cut outs of Brazil and Africa, and money. A chronicle of Brazil’s environmental issues and murdered activists was written on the tablecloth.

26 JUNE | Dar es Salaam, Tanzania A rebel with a simple message for the G7.

26 JUNE | El Santuario, Colombia XR Medellín and other activists run a D4C stall at a cultural festival. The region is resisting the construction of hydroelectric plants and mines that could ruin local rivers. Rebels were also involved in organising two marches in Medellín, one to criminalise ecocide and one for LGBTQI+ rights.

27 JUNE | Berlin, Germany 100 activists totally block the Finance Ministry, a key player in the IMF where Germany holds huge voting power and could steer the world towards debt cancellation for Climate Justice. 20 activists glued themselves to doors and driveways to demand an end to neo colonial exploitation through debt. Photo: Marlene Charlotte Limburg

27 JUNE | London, UK 10 D4C activists occupy the lobby of the UK Parliament.

28 JUNE | Misiones, Argentina Rebels perform outside the Government House to highlight the possible sale of the Paraná jungle to a Swiss Oil Company looking to offset its emissions, and cynically use pine monocultures to expand the tree cover.

28 JUNE | Rosario, Argentina Rebels with special emoji hats performed an auction of the Paraná river. Rebels representing G7 governments then began bidding. When one of them won, a special piñata of poo exploded. Vast amounts of sewage waste is dumped into the Paraná river each year, and a treatment plant has been promised for twenty years.

28 JUNE | Toronto, Canada A small D4C action near the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister’s office. Meanwhile in Tucumán Argentina, rebels pasted posters denouncing how Canada is behind Yamana Gold, a mega-mining company polluting the province of Catamarca with heavy metals, repressing its people, and greenwashing itself via donations to the University of Tucumán.

28 JUNE | Campeche, Mexico Rebels talked about D4C to passersby and handed out tickets with personalised messages on global, national and local eco-problems. Sign: G7 Who Do They Represent?

All Other Actions XTRA

6 JUNE | Paris, France An activist from new group Dernière Rénovation holds up the Roland Garros tennis tournament.

15 JUNE | Prague, Czech Republic Victory! The municipal court in Prague ruled that Czech climate action is inadequate and ordered the government to pick up the pace in laws to address the climate crisis.

17 - 19 JUNE | Sweden Not content with their rebellion in April, Swedish rebels organised another wave of nationwide actions, including blockading an oil port at Goteborg as well as petrol stations and intersections, and performing die-ins with doctors and scientists.

20 JUNE | The Hague, The Netherlands On the same day rebels were blocking the European Commission, Dutch activists marched to Stop Ecocide.

21 JUNE | Jerusalem, Israel XR Israel cooperated with Greenpeace in a protest outside a conference where representatives of the Treasury were in attendance. The ministry has repeatedly trashed Israel’s climate and environmental policies in the pursuit of profit.

23 JUNE | Brussels, Belgium Rebels and WeMove Europe activists block the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) building and its conference room. The ECT allows fossil fuel companies to obstruct the transition to renewables and must end now!

25 JUNE | Buenos Aires, Argentina Rebels hold a banner (Without land there is hunger) that had previously hung from a car circling the city blaring a message: “I buy carbon bonds, I buy governments, I buy soya, I buy justice, Madam, I buy rivers, I buy agrochemicals, I buy media ''. The XR outreach action saw rebels hand out flyers and chat to pedestrians about the extractivism devastating their country.

30 JUNE | Brasilia, Brazil Victory! The Supreme Court rules that the Paris Agreement is a human rights treaty, granting it special legal status that overrides any conflicting laws passed by Congress.

1 JULY | Kassel, Germany Last Generation activists declare they will not stop blocking roads until the government declares an end to North Sea oil! They have remained peaceful despite drivers repeatedly getting violent during their campaign.

1 JULY | Agra, India Fridays For Future activists collect waste from the local area.

1 JULY | Dhaka, Bangladesh Climate strike in front of the national parliament.

2 JULY | New York, USA Rebels stage a die-in outside the federal courthouse to protest the Supreme Court’s decision to severely strip back the state’s eco-powers.

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