. 🔊🎶🔋Upcoming training with XRUK Sound and Power.🔋🎶🔊 In Feburary the XRUK Sound and Power team will be delivering a series of 4 training's covering the main areas of what we do. The aim of this is to onboard new members and to skill share with the wider movement. Whether you are a seasoned techy or just interested to learn more about the offerings you are welcome to attend. 👇Check them out below👇 A little about us. The XRUK Sound and Power team initially came together in the build up to the April 2019 Rebellion with the aim to provide the Rebellion with amplified sound at each of the sites and importantly the power to run them using renewable energy. We successfully achieved this and have done the same for every rebellion and many major actions since. Although we are based mainly in London, due to logistics, we have members from around the country that come together at rebellions. In between rebellions we provide support for actions and events, not just for XR but a wide range of social movements including, Fridays for future, BLM, Kill the Bill and Refugee Rights. The training's will take place on Friday afternoons throughout Feb in Clapton, NE London and last approximately 4 hours per session, with a chance to socialise and chat afterwards. Session details are as follows, please sign up to the telegram group for each of the sessions so that we can communicate directly and get an idea of numbers. 📅3/2/23, 1-5pm 🛺🎤Rickshaw and basic soundsystem training 🎤 🛺 We currently have 3 electrically assisted rickshaws with a 4th coming soon and are looking for more people to become proficient in their use. 🛺 Thunderbird 1️⃣ is a mobile soundsystem that many will recognise from XR actions. 🛺Thunderbird 2️⃣ is a mobile power platform that can carry sounds, projector or other. 🛺Thunderbird 3️⃣ is a flatbed transport vehicle for emission free logistics. 🛺Thunderbird 4️⃣ is yet to be you have an idea? The training will cover: ✔️Confident rickshaw riding. ✔️Basic charging, maintenance and safety. ✔️How to use the on board power systems ✔️Basic tutorial on how to use the soundsystem for audio playback and speeches. 📅10/2/23, 1-5pm 🎚️🔊 Full soundsystem training🔊🎚️ For larger events and static applications we have all the equipment to put on larger soundsystems capable of hosting full bands and performances. The training will cover: ✔️Setting up of a full static soundsystem. ✔️Layout and considerations for a performance space. ✔️How to use a mixing desk. ✔️How to set levels for instruments and mics. ✔️Considerations for running a performance. 📅17/2/23, 1-5pm 🪫🌞🔋Basic solar system training 🔋🌞🪫 We aim to power all of our rebellions and events with renewable energy which comes from our solar rigs, come and learn how set up a basic system for in the field use. The training will cover: ✔️D/C vs A/C electricity. ✔️Components of a solar system. ✔️Sizing a system for your needs. ✔️Battery types and ✔️Safety, electrical grounding and testing. 📅24/2/23, 3-7pm 🦍📽️ Guerilla projection training 📽️🦍 We have a large 10,000 lumen video projector and an adapted theatre spotlight for static images and messages. This training is slightly later so that we can actually project outside (weather dependant). The training will cover: ✔️Using the large video projector. ✔️Formatting of videos for projection. ✔️Using the spotlight (lightcannon) and considerations for making gobos (image to be projected). ✔️Mobile power solutions. ✔️Considerations and law around projecting onto buildings.

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