Online event Monthly General Meeting Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 339 059 180 Passcode: xrglasgow 🕖🕯✊🗳👂🏽🗣💡🙌🏼 This will be the MONTHLY XR Glasgow meeting. EVERYONE is welcome, to - 🛶 Find out what XR ...
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Online event Growing Regenerative Cultures "Right at the core of my heart's longing" A recent participant. Growing Regenerative Cultures is a deep dive exploration of what we all need, in order to be supported in ...
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Online event NVDA (Non-Violent Direct Action) Training The climate and ecological crisis is worse than we feared, and the future is more uncertain than ever. The time to act is now… so let’s get prepared! Come along ...
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Online- register info below Welcome to Extinction Rebellion! (Tues, 7pm) REGISTER HERE: Stuck at home because of Covid? Want to do something that makes a difference to the biggest crisis humankind currently faces? Then join this introductory session where ...
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Online event Summary How do we inject regeneration into everything we do? If we can identify the patterns of regeneration in nature, can we apply those patterns to consciously create regenerative cultures within ...
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Hecho con amor y furia Extinction Rebellion (XR o Rebelión contra la Extinción) es un movimiento que se hace en conjunto. Todos nuestros diseños y obras de arte pueden ser utilizados de manera no comercial con el propósito de salvar el planeta. Esto no significa crear mercancía para recaudar fondos o enviar a XR un porcentaje de sus ventas. No respaldamos ni creamos ninguna mercancía y perseguiremos y denunciaremos a cualquier persona que lo haga. El símbolo de XR fue diseñado en 2011 por el artista callejero ESP, que presta el uso a XR bajo las mismas condiciones: