Online event Welcome to Extinction Rebellion! REGISTER HERE: Want to do something that makes a difference to the biggest crisis humankind currently faces? Then join this introductory session where you can learn more about what ...
了解更多 Tue, Aug 24 - Aug 09
Online event Sing For Rebellion: Zoom Workshop FOR THE ZOOM LINK PLEASE SIGN UP TO THE EVENT/EMAIL LIST VIA ----- Singing carries our message louder than a banner and it's fun. Join us to learn the ...
了解更多 Wed, Oct 13 - Nov 23
Online event Embedding Nonviolence in Crowds Register for Zoom meeting link here: - 2h Large Crowd Embedding Nonviolence Training Online, interactive workshops looking at nonviolence in the context of activism. Nonviolence is one of the ...
了解更多 Thu, Oct 28 - 18:30
Lincoln's Inn Fields Money Rebellion: Rise and Rebel March Start Location: Lincoln Inn Field. Gather ready to leave at 11am What we expect from COP is catastrophic failure. We won’t let them spin it as a success to an ...
了解更多 Sat, Nov 13 - 11:00
Online event HOW XR's THIRD DEMAND CAN HELP COP GO BEYOND POLITICS Tuesday 26 October 2021 19:30 - 20:30 Register: Citizens' Assembly Working Group (CAWG) are offering a talk in the run up to COP which highlights the contrast in approaches, ...
了解更多 Tue, Oct 26 - Oct 30
At your own location Deep Water Rising Join us for Deep Water Rising. We need to call out to COP26. Deep Water Rising is a global inclusive action gathering the voices of people from across the world. ...
了解更多 Sat, Oct 30 - Oct 31
Online event Heading for Extinction THIS TALK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Our brand new updated version of the "Heading for Extinction" talk explains the science of the climate and ecological emergency so that we can ...
了解更多 Fri, Oct 22 - Nov 04
Online event ACTION WELLBEING TRAINING Will you be joining the Rebellion at COP26 🐝 prepared! UPDATE- PLEASE NOTE: WED 20TH and TUES 26TH - Action Wellbeing Training for offering support as part of a crew ...
了解更多 Thu, Oct 14 - Oct 27
On Zoom How to Use the XR Media Library A really useful workshop on how to access, upload to, and use the XR Global Media Library. Learn how to upload your media so that it can be shared with ...
了解更多 Wed, Oct 13 - Oct 28
Online event Regenerative Action Design BEFORE COP 26 David Smart Knight and Klaudia van Gool, the authors of the 'Roots of Regen' workshop, invite you to the session where we explore together the question: ☀...Given ...
了解更多 Thu, Sep 30 - Dec 08
Online Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) Workshop Online NVDA training: 📅 Tues 5 Oct - 19:00-22:00 ▶ Register: 📅 Sat 9, 23 and 30 Oct - 10:00-13:00 ▶ Register: The climate and ecological crisis is ...
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由XR全球支持,用爱和愤怒制造 反抗灭绝(XR)是一个一起动手的运动。我们所有的设计和艺术作品都可以非商业性地用于拯救地球的目的。这并不意味着为筹款而制作商品,也不意味着将销售额的一定比例寄给XR。我们不会为任何商品背书或制作任何商品,我们将追究并起诉任何这样做的人。灭绝符号是由街头艺术家ESP在2011年设计的,他在同样的基础上借给XR使用