Online event Talk : Heading for Extinction (and what to do about it) 🔥 THIS TALK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 💚 Are you new to XR? This is the place to be! The "Heading for Extinction" talk will kickstart your journey in XR. ...
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Online event XR Newark and Sherwood supports 'STOP THE CHOP' XRN&S will be out to support 'Protect Newark's Green Spaces' - STOP THE CHOP action to protect 3 beautiful, ancient trees from potential felling to make place for an unwanted ...
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由XR全球支持,用爱和愤怒制造 反抗灭绝(XR)是一个一起动手的运动。我们所有的设计和艺术作品都可以非商业性地用于拯救地球的目的。这并不意味着为筹款而制作商品,也不意味着将销售额的一定比例寄给XR。我们不会为任何商品背书或制作任何商品,我们将追究并起诉任何这样做的人。灭绝符号是由街头艺术家ESP在2011年设计的,他在同样的基础上借给XR使用