It's official, we may very well be heading towards the darkest of times. The climate is changing rapidly and we're all feeling the heat. But, what's actually happening and what will the future look like if we continue down this path? In this talk, Animal Rebellion will lay out in simple terms what has caused this current state of climate emergency, what could be coming next and, most importantly, what we can all do about it. Come along to learn more about the crisis gripping our beloved planet and its inhabitants, meet likeminded people and discover Animal Rebellion's 2020 vision and strategy and how you can get involved. This may be the start of a dark time in history but it can also be the beginning of an age of strength, unity and justice as we rise up in rebellion against this toxic system and take back the power. We come in peace, love and solidarity and invite you to join us in this rebellion! **ALL ANIMAL REBELLION TALKS ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE FREE TO ATTEND** We are committed to providing accessible events as far as possible. If you have any accessibility needs please get in touch and we will be happy to accomodate you. A BSL interpreter will be made available on request.