The Regen Global Support invites you to the Regen 101 Dialogues: EXPLORING PATRIARCHY In the REGEN 101 workshop Module 2 on Intersectionality, Self-care and Burnout, we name the systems of oppression. Patriarchy is one of the systems named and many rebels have reflected the desire for further conversation. Please join us as we enter in dialogue with some inspiring speakers who have skin in the game for creating change. Hosted by Christie and Kavya with Guest Speakers Benjamin Richardson, Glenn Albrecht, Yin Paradies and Victor Lee Lewis. Wednesdays, Sept 23 - Oct 14 from 8-9.30 AM UTC [Calculate your timezone:] Zoom room ID: 81146534717 Date Guest speaker Wed 23 Sept Benjamin J. Richardson Wed 30 Sept Glenn Albrecht Wed 7 Oct Yin Paradies Wed 14 Oct Victor Lee Lewis [Full Schedule and Speaker Bios Here:] --------- Open Calls by Regen Global Support: