This event is for adults only but we are offering a creche right next to the hall. Please email if you require this. Doors open at 12.30pm & there will be some social time after the talk. This talk is for parents, grandparents, professionals and anyone who is caring for children and concerned about how best to support them in face of the current climate and ecological crisis. As this situation becomes more widely discussed and reported in the media, many adults are working on how best to protect and prepare children for a very uncertain future. There is a lot we can do to support children in building the resilience they need and it starts with us. How can we resource ourselves and support each other to create an environment for our children to meet the challenges that face them? The talk will be engaging and experiential. We will explore practical down to earth tools based on contemporary models of neuroscience research, attachment, child development and deep ecology. In this talk, Jo will share ideas about *’eco-anxiety’ - what it is and how to help *The function and importance of growing connected relationships with children *Building resilience now and for the future *the importance of outdoor nature based play *Developing emotional capacity to meet the ecological situation. *Current models of thinking to support a practical approach to working with children Jo McAndrews trained as a psychotherapist and has been running workshops and courses for the last 30 years on education, child development, community and social justice, trauma and bereavement. Her style is warm and inclusive, creating a safe and friendly environment to explore difficult subjects. She is working more and more in the field of community resilience in the face of climate change with a particular urgency about the needs of children and young people for good adult support. Who is it for? This event is for anyone who is concerned about supporting children & helping to build their resilience for an uncertain future, it is for adults only but we are offering a creche right next to the hall with lovely carers, toys & hopefully a storyteller! The talk will begin at 1pm - 4pm Doors open at 12.30 & there will be some social time after the talk. A message from Jo McAndrews about cost of attendance: I am offering this talk in the gesture of gift, knowing that everything I have and know has come to me as a gift. This is not the same thing as it being ‘free of charge’. I have spent much time preparing for this talk and need financial support in order to be able to continue offering this work. I am learning about an alternative framework for using money as part of the new story we need when facing huge environmental and social upheaval. My invitation to you is to consider how much money you would like to offer to support my work, then think about your own financial situation and what is realistically possible for you to offer. Whatever you come up with, that is fine with me. You are very welcome to be here whether or not you offer any money. This is not about the value of my work, or what I ‘deserve’ to be paid. It is about how we can support each other with the gifts we have. Like all of us, I still have financial needs to support my life and work. I also want to explore different ways from ‘business as usual’ to meeting those needs. I am at the beginning of a journey to understanding all of this. I hope it interests you too. This Talk has been organised by Taunton Green Parents, Parents for Future Taunton & XR Families Taunton.