Online event Mattermost & The Hub - Training & Support 🗓 Every Thursday 6:30-7:30PM These sessions will support you with: - getting onto Mattermost - any tech issues, e.g. downloading / using the Mattermost app, and questions on 'How to ...
Fumanisa Okuninzi Thu, Jun 17 - Sep 30
Online event Make the Impossible Possible- Mobilisation Workshops We’re told it’s impossible. But as the climate and ecological emergencies wreak havoc around the world We need more and more people to step into action, to ensure the change ...
Fumanisa Okuninzi Wed, Jul 28 - Aug 10
Online event Introduction to the Third Demand: What are citizens' assemblies? INTRODUCTION TO THE THIRD DEMAND: WHAT ARE CITIZENS' ASSEMBLIES? For rebels new and old, friends, critics, and people who are just generally curious about how we can do better: Join ...
Fumanisa Okuninzi Tue, Aug 17 - 07:30
online West Cornwall Meetings If you live in the West Cornwall area, we'd love you to join our meetings to talk about what we are doing in our area. We share ideas, plan activities, ...
Fumanisa Okuninzi Tue, Aug 03 - Oct 19
Online event Rebel Ringer Training Rebel Ringing is the phone bank wing of Extinction Rebellion. Ringers reach out to our membership to engage with rebels and keep them up to date of what is happening ...
Fumanisa Okuninzi Sat, Jul 31 - 11:00
Online event XR Foundation Programme: prepare for your ideal role! This is a 4 week part-time programme for people new to XR which aims to give you a thorough grounding in who we are and how we work. Find where ...
Fumanisa Okuninzi Mon, Jul 26 - Aug 27
Saturdays 10th July & 14th August 10am-1pm UTC+1 Sundays 25th July & 29th August 10am-1pm UTC+1 NVDA (Non-Violent Direct Action) Training 📅 Saturdays 10th July and 14th August 10am-1pm UTC+1 🎫 Registration link: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJArfu6vpz8uEtzTrInZGVQm_3hR7ZFI5vFL 📅 Sundays 25th July and 29th August 10am-1pm UTC+1 🎫 Registration link: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYsduGupjwpH9OKOMeHJrbzjHnmxqQgbsG7 The climate and ecological ...
Fumanisa Okuninzi Sat, Jul 10 - Aug 29
Live video by Money Rebellion Talk Humans are cutting the branch they are sitting on right now. Why are we doing this and what can we do about it? Why is it so hard to imagine ...
Fumanisa Okuninzi Thu, Jul 01 - Dec 01
Yenziwe ngothando nangomsindo yi-XR Global Support Ukupheliswa kwemvukelo (i-XR) yintshukumo yokwenza kunye kunye. Yonke uyilo kunye nomsebenzi wobugcisa ungasetyenziselwa ukuthengisa ngenjongo yokugcina umhlaba. Oku akuthethi ukuba wenze ukuthengiswa kwentengiso okanye uthumele i-XR ipesenti yentengiso yakho. Asikhuthazi okanye senze nayiphi na intengiso kwaye siya kulandela kwaye sitshutshise nabani na owenzayo. Uphawu lokuCinywa lwayilwa ngo-2011 ligcisa lasesitalatweni i-ESP, eboleka ukusetyenziswa kweXR ngendlela efanayo: www.extinctionsymbol.info