We are heading into a huge year for climate activism in Scotland. XR Scotland has some big decisions to make. The XR Scotland Strategy Process has been deliberating for a year to come up with a suite of important, thoughtful and strategic proposals for the movement. We have been holding this national reflection process which then funnelled down in 30 rebels spending 14 weeks creating proposals. This People's Assembly is the opportunity to deliberate and decide how to take them forward. This national gathering people's assembly is a political action, is a prefigurative action. It is about being the change we wish to see in the world. It says we can hold the tension between autonomy and national organising. We can build people power and transcend the mainstream toxic systems we are trapped in by coming together to create, deliberate and decide what is best for our community. Join us. Four focus groups have come up with around 8 proposals. Read them here: Day 1: Sat 8th May 10-6.30 - DELIBERATE. REGISTER to receive the link: Day 2: Sun 16th May 10-5 - DECIDE. REGISTER to receive the link: See you at the People’s Assembly! Accessibility: This event will be held online, on zoom. If you require anything in order to participate more fully with us in this event, for example, tech support to help your confidence to be there on the day, BSL interpretation, a pre-sent transcript, a buddy during the meeting who you meet before to provide emotional support or anything else please get in touch with us at and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Joyina umcimbi