🚨 Right now, we are in a climate emergency that is affecting people across the world and here in WA 🚨 There is a global movement of ordinary people rising up to demand the urgent change we need: Extinction Rebellion ✊🏽But time is running out ⏰ Here in Perth, we need to grow our movement to get thousands of people on the streets later in the year, to make our voices heard. To get there we need you. This movement is different: It's not just about showing up on the day of mass actions! Come and be part of our community, and take an active role in growing the Rebellion 🌱 🕜 From 1:30 pm - 2.00 pm, there'll be a chance to discuss what we're building towards, and for you to find your place in the Rebellion. If you've been wanting to get involved but haven't been quite sure how, this is your chance! 🙌🏽 🕝 From 2:00pm - 3:00pm we'll be running a workshop to help you find your place at our next mass action:the Spring Rebellion🗣 You'll also get the chance to form small groups of like-minded people to attend the event with.🌱 🕞 From 3.00 pm onwards, hang around for a chance to socialise ☕️🍰 If you're already involved in a working group or local group, arrive at this time to catch up with the community 🥰 Together, we can create the change we need to protect life on earth 🌏

Joyina umcimbi