FACILITATION TRAINING We are excited to offer the Facilitation Training from T&T. This 2.5 hour training will give you the basic skills you need to hold a standard XR meeting. This is perfect for those hosting local group meetings, coordinators, working group members and any rebel looking to increase their skill set! We will cover; Hand signals Basic meeting structure Inclusivity Handling difficult situations Group agreements Decision making This training requires a zoom account to register. Just click this link, and Zoom will guide you through the rest of the process. This training happens every week on Thursday, with an optional weekly follow up every Friday (you don’t have to attend the one the day after your basic training), see the T&T events calendar for full details. Please arrive promptly or send a message if you expect to be late as there is a lot to get in! If you have any questions, please contact Vinn on, or on Mattermost @vingib. Look forward to seeing you!

Joyina umcimbi