It has been an amazing few weeks! We put the climate emergency back in the hearts and minds of Australia. It's time to reflect and learn on what we are doing and where we are at. There are three opportunities for you to debrief, you can engage with one or all three! In Person Saturday 17th April 3pm-5pm Carlton Gardens (Default to the office around the corner if the weather is bad.) I expect we will only need an hour formally, but there is a buffer for extra conversations on whats next. Register here: On Zoom Sunday 18th April 3pm-4:30pm For those amazing rebels that travel so far to join us, we honour you and would love to spend some time hearing what you think about the rebellion and our next steps. For anyone Topic: Autumn Rebellion Debrief and Next Steps Time: Apr 18, 2021 03:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney Join Zoom Meeting Feedback form This is a great way for us to capture some deep information about how you are finding the movement. Please be as specific as possible. Rather than saying "The media was good" Try "X Spokes person represented well when they said Y" Thank you for engaging and see you around rebels! Love and Rage, Extinction Rebellion Victoria

Joyina umcimbi