This action is a gentle variation on 'swarming' which is a standard XR International tactic, which has worked well. In this version, we will walk slowly into the road when the traffic lights are green, with XR banners, then take our time returning to the sidewalk when the lights turn red, trying to make sure that the drivers know what the banners are about. You may be shouted at by drivers and there may be police presence. Just smile and remain calm. :-) Please note, this is a disruptive but non-arrestable action. In the unlikely event that the police threaten arrest, you will have time to withdraw. The more the cops get used to us doing this, the less chance there is of us getting arrested. Please help us wake up the public!! The gentle disruption of slowing traffic is the least that is needed to draw attention to the violent destruction that unchecked fossil fuel burning is causing to our planet. Governments are allowing the violence to continue, so we the people must act now to stop climate catastrophe. We will meet daily, from Monday to Friday, in front of City Hall in Moncton (Main Street) to disrupt the Monday to Friday-business as usual. We may decided to change locations to other busy intersections in Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe, so please check the event pages for the specific dates and locations. We will have signs available but please also bring your own homemade signs. It is important to acknowledge that the land on which we will be doing the action is the traditional and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq First Nation. We are thankful to XR PEI - Affinity Group for their guidance and initiative in creating this action. <3 Love and solidarity, XRNB