NVC offers a tool for compassionate connection. Communicational structures focus on a more easy flow of empathy, mutual care, awareness, and emotional health. A sensed relief through eased tensions and a safe reassuring space full of trust and confidentiality is built. In this space, especially the invisible dynamics of dominance and oppression can be transformed without nurturing further enemy or victim images. We pass on mutual listening and reflection skills to cultivate a felt sense of justice for all people around the globe inside XR. Our aim is that within the community everyone can have their vulnerability be seen and accepted while experiencing themselves as co-creators for safety for us all. By strengthening our deep listening muscles we cultivate peaceful and compassionate alternatives to exploitation and destruction towards our own selves, other living beings, and the whole globe. Facilitator: Samuel Odhiambo is a trainer and mediator certified by the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), Business Mediation Coaching - Germany and the Mediation Training Institute East Africa. He is a husband and father of two children. He is passionate about social change more so shifting from structures or systems of power over to embracing power with team members. Samuel grew up in Mukuru a slum in Nairobi where he learned coping mechanisms to live with available resources. He has grown to appreciate and value people and relationships as the greatest resource. He coordinates Mukuru Peace Clubs; a forum that has created a safe space for youth engagement to spearhead peace and development in the slum. Samuel has been a trainer in International Intensive Training organised by the Center for Nonviolent Communication in Kenya, Austria and Argentina. More information about the complete row of the NVC & Centering Justice calls here: https://cloud.organise.earth/s/39eFrdWo62QMmss