BEWARE of the time change EXPLORING REST AS RADICAL ACTION ------------------------------------------ EMPATHY CIRCLES, 2 HOURS hosted by Empathy Team of XR Regen Global Support In October XR Trainings Global Support organized a discussion about REST AS RADICAL FORM OF RESISTANCE. We want to give more space to this rebellious topic. To explore more you may see: Rest as a Radical Form of Resistance: Nap Ministry: Tricia Hersey Join us on THURSDAY at 8am UTC If you want to learn more about Empathy Circle before the call, you may watch 9 min. video ( but it is not absolutely necessary. DATES: weekly on Thursdays at 8-10 am UTC, find your timezone: ONLINE: Zoom room ID 707 132 135 Dial by your location with Meeting ID: 707 132 135 Find your local number: The full schedule of Open Calls by XR Regenerative Cultures Global Support: