EDIT: (Postponed until We Can formally, legally and securely host this event) *****NB: Corona-Postponed until confirmed by Scandinavian distributor***** I AM GRETA Movie screening and climate activism debate with Extinction Rebellion Fridays For Future Nordic Ocean Watch Come join us to see the documentary about the young climate activist Greta Thunberg. A tale of a teenager, suddenly becoming world-famous, for standing up for what is right. The movie follows her remarkable journey from the first days of solemn “School strike for climate” to her sudden climb to global fame and the expedition by boat to New York, where she would give a legendary speech to the United Nations. The movie is centered on Greta as a person and how she navigated suddenly becoming center of attention. With this event, we wish to create a dialogue about the subject of her attention. Let’s have a talk about the climate and what some of the people on the frontlines are doing to raise awareness and call to action. Talk and introduciton after the movie with: Extinction Rebellion Fridays For Future Nordic Ocean Watch This is an awareness raising event. All profits will go to the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy There will most likely be a ticket price for participation, but due to the fact, that we can't make sure when/where to do the screening, price is still to be settled. NB. In the light of current Corona conditions, we might still not be able to host this screening on the chosen date, and may be chose to postpone this event further, until deemed reasonable to gather in bigger groups.

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