Workshop series: ‘The university at a time of climate and ecological emergency' From March to May, XR Scientists Denmark will host a workshop series consisting of three interactive workshops, primarily aimed at scientists, researchers and students. Our aim for these events is to give participants concrete tools to bring about change in our response to the climate and ecological emergency in the Danish university system. Ultimately to feed into a more general push for a national agenda that prioritizes ecological and climate justice. Workshop 1 (March) - Join us to create change Workshop 2 (April) - Pushing for a sustainable department: a step-by-step Workshop 3 (May) - Scientists as active citizens: public engagement in sustainability Second workshop - April 22nds at 12 PM: “Pushing for a sustainable department: a step-by-step” Location: Duration: 2 hours How can we make it easier for academics in our own departments to help address the climate and ecological emergency? How can we facilitate and encourage people to organize for change locally? How can we best coordinate activities amongst scientists? At this workshop we will talk about the A-B-C of creating local change. The workshop will feature speakers and facilitators, who have practical experience with community organising and leading processes of change. The workshop is meant as a stepping-stone for people, who might be interested in pushing for the implementation of more regenerative internal policies and activities (travel, consumption etc.) at their own institutions. To attend, please register on Eventbrite here: XR Scientists Denmark: Emergency on planet Earth document:

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