Weave the fence What is the action? This involves promoting XR in advance of the Autumn Rebellion. The XR Logo will be placed on cyclone fencing around the city using strips of material. An A4 laminated sign will be attached next to the logo promoting the Autumn Rebellion. The laminated sign will stress that this is an artistic installation and that it will be removed after the Autumn Rebellion. This is considered a non arrestable action although it is possible that fines will be applied What are the objectives of the action? Raise awareness of the need for action on Climate Change Raise awareness of XR Raise awareness of the Autumn Rebellion Motivate XR people to take action Have some fun Where and when are you holding the action? The action will primarily be on Sunday 7th March, but can be done over the whole long weekend. It will commence at 9:00 am and will be done during normal working hours. Intention is to have multiple teams and get wide coverage throughout the city. Depending on community response, it may run through to the 22nd March. Regions will also be encouraged to be involved Email XR Vic Actions for more information and supplies: Or register here:

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