Photo: Lydia Booth photography NO GENERAL MEETING - INDUCTIONS ONLY FROM 7PM Due to potential ongoing action in London and the need for members to recover- this meeting will only have an induction for new members. Normal meetings will resume following this format: The weekly planning session is an opportunity to discuss upcoming actions, share ideas and divide into working groups for effective planning. The session will run from 7-9PM. Everyone is welcome. This includes carers and their children, but please note that activities are not designed with children in mind. Some content may also be deemed unsuitable for children New meeting structure: time for working group discussion between 7-8PM, followed by half an hour break to talk informally, and then a community meeting for wider group issues and discussion 8.30-9PM. For newcomers there will an induction between 7-8 PM. This will be an opportunity to get a better understanding of Extinction Rebellion, its values, principles, structure and approach. We welcome everyone and hope you will find a place in XR that makes the most of your skills, interests and unique self. We have plenty of actions coming up. With Bath Council having recently declared a climate emergency this is an exciting and critical time to be getting involved and to help shape and push environmental policy in Bath.