Join us as we return to Exxon Mobil's Fuel Depot for the second National Fuel Blockade. Please bring warm clothes, weather protection, water and snacks. Register here: Watch the livestream of the first blockade here. _____ 🌏 Background This blockade follows decades of Exxon Mobil blocking truth and action on the climate crisis. Exxon is a leading contributor to the climate crisis, it has funded mass misinformation campaigns, undermined international agreements, had more than 3000 oil spills since 2005 and is still investing tens of billions of dollars to expand their fossil fuel infrastructure. The Australian Government continues to collude in these climate crimes, funding the fossil fuel industry with 10.3 billion dollars of taxpayers money in 2020/21 alone. This is madness writ large. We must transition away from fossil fuels with the urgency that the science demands. Our demand is that we do this through a legally binding citizens assembly that includes fossil fuel workers who are best placed to ensure a fair transition. _____ 🛢 Oily Sisters At the last National Fuel Blockade rebels from Tasmania dressed as Oily Sisters. Capturing the future we face if we neglect to act now on the climate and ecological emergency. If you're interested in creating these costumes then please drop us a message so that can arrange support and face painting on the day. Instructions can be found here.

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