Bearing Witness: Love, Grief and Activism A conversation about ecocide, rebellion and community with Satya Robyn, co-coordinator of XR Buddhists, writer, author of Dear Earth: Love, Grief & Activism. Having recently passed day 100 on the solitary daily vigil that she's observing in her home town of Malvern until COP 26, Satya will join us to share some of her own story, to talk about how spirituality and community inform and support her activism, and to hear from others where such questions find them - whether they find themselves aligned with any specific faith tradition or not. No need for homework to attend, but for those who'd like to come prepared, we're inviting you to listen to one or both of these conversations before we meet: To Bear Witness (BBC Radio 3, Between the Ears): Steven Jenkinson and others Grief for our battered world is a superpower for 2021: Peter Kalmus with Clare Farrell All welcome! Zoom link is the XR Falmouth & Penryn Thursday meet - we’ll set up a breakout room for this if needed. PLEASE NOTE UPDATED ZOOM LINK: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 880 4812 0650 Regenerative Cultures Survival Café: The third of Extinction Rebellion’s ten movement-defining values* declares that, faced with widespread socio-political paralysis before an accelerating mass-extinction, ‘We need a regenerative culture: creating a culture which is healthy, resilient and adaptable’. This monthly discussion café began as a space for those active within XR Cornwall to deepen their understanding of what this means in practice, but no involvement in XR’s campaign is required to attend. All questions are welcomed, as are all comers. *

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