It is time for Land Reform and an end to wildlife persecution in Scotland. Scotland is one of the most ecologically depleted countries in the world and our wildlife is in serious trouble, but when it comes to taking action, the Scottish Government has failed to declare an Ecological Emergency or implement policies to stop the slaughter of wildlife, including protected species such as native mountain hares, beavers, and birds of prey. The decline of Scotland's flora and fauna has been going on for centuries, and is closely linked with the unfair and unequal distribution of land and natural resources. The structure of land holdings in Scotland is the most unequal in the world. The Wildlife & Land Reform Rebellion will be a week of decentralized but synchronized actions that target and expose the Scottish Government's inaction when it comes to protecting our wildlife and the environment. The week will culminate with a peaceful action in Edinburgh on Saturday 31st October, with speakers and art in remembrance of the thousands of animals that are killed annually on grouse moors and estates in Scotland. No Licence To Kill - Now it’s up to local groups and affinity groups to plan actions that highlight the continuing and unregulated wildlife persecution in Scotland. Get Creative! Local groups, affinity groups and even regions are encouraged to think big, work together and start planning autonomously. Involve every aspect of XR in the planning (regen, wellbeing, arts, police liaison, etc) and get your local media and messaging teams involved. Decentralized but unified across Scotland. It’s really down to you! For more information about why we rebel for wildlife, ideas and art resources please go to: