From 30 September - 2 October 2020, an online ‘Net Zero Festival’ will be showcasing a range of ‘solutions’ to the climate emergency. But the phrase ‘net zero’ has opened a door to a host of false solutions that will set us back in the fight for climate justice. Among other speakers, the Net Zero Festival will give a platform to companies including Shell, Drax and Heathrow Airport. Far from tackling the climate crisis, many of these companies have a history of serious human rights abuses and nature destruction. Others promote false solutions such as ‘net-zero aviation’ that are simply a smokescreen for further land grabs and deforestation. We cannot allow net-zero to be a doorway to further corporate control of the climate. If we collectively learn about these false solutions and the damage they cause to people and planet, we can challenge them together. This webinar is the first in a two-part webinar series providing an overview of false climate solutions promoted under the banner of net-zero emissions. This first webinar will focus on Bioenergy, a specific type of geoengineering known as Bioenergy, Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS), Nature-Based Solutions and Net-Zero Aviation. Speakers: > Kirtana Chandrasekaran, Friends of the Earth International > Almuth Ernsting, Biofuelwatch > Coraina de la Plaza, Global Forest Coalition > Magdalena Heuwieser, Stay Grounded The webinar will last 90 minutes, with 15 minutes for each topic and 30 minutes for Q&A. Do come along if you are interested in learning more about false solutions and the dangers they pose to the fight for climate justice. A recording will be made available so if you can no longer attend, don’t worry! Co-organised by UK Youth Climate Coalition & Biofuelwatch.