BECOME A KICK-ASS COORDINATOR Local group coordinators have one of the most essential role in XR. It's not an easy job but it's rewarding, your local group will be forever grateful to you - and with the right support and guidance, it's definitely doable! In this training, we will run you through, more or less, everything you need to know to become a kick-ass local group coordinator. We will cover: - essential coordination skills - meeting organisation - local group structure & working groups - XR campaigns - XR tech ... and many more topics! There will also be time to ask questions and discuss with your coordinator colleagues. Any LG coordinator should try to attend this training! If you're a coordinator of another type of XR group, you may also find this training helpful. And if your local group doesn't have coordinators but you often end up taking a leading role, this is probably a useful training for you!

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