Tasmania's sea environment isn't just changing, it's dying. The mass deaths of giant kelp forests because of the man-made climate and ecological crisis is devastating. Warm water has killed 95% of the giant kelp. This is not only bad news for the oceans it's bad news for us too! The sea along the Tasmanian east coast is a global heating hotspot. Temperatures there have risen at nearly four times the global average. Ancient ecosystems of sponge garden, fur seals, crayfish, weedy sea dragons and countless fish species are under threat. Join us in a powerful and creative protest march through the CBD on the streets (1.5 metres apart), to demand that governments urgently address the climate and ecological crisis. When: 12 noon 3rd October 2020. Where: starting from Franklin Square after speeches from scientist and activist Lisa-Ann Gershwin & Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, we will march through Elizabeth Street Mall and along Liverpool, Murray and Collins Streets (on the road) to urgently get the climate and ecological emergency back in the media, on the minds of the public and most importantly on the governments agenda. The March will coincide with International and Nationwide actions in September. What to wear/bring? Dying ocean themed clothing - blue, green, black & white. We'll provide other materials. Extinction Rebellion Tasmania is part of a global, grassroots movement. We work on recruiting and preparing large numbers of ordinary people to participate in – or support – nonviolent, creative, inspiring, disruptive civil disobedience actions.