📍 The Old Road Tavern, Old Road, Chippenham, SN15 1JA 💔 We all know it's no time for empty promises: with no carbon budget left and ecological systems in free fall: we have to act decisively! 🔸 Social science says we must rebel, COP26 shows international meetings cannot stop climate collapse. History shows that Civil Resistance movements, country by country, can. Together, we can. 🏡 Come and hear about the new campaign and why some have chosen to step up into high stakes action. ✨ Come and hear climate and civil resistance experts and local people tell the truth about the climate crisis, and what we can do about it. 🗣 This session will discuss many things including how resisting injustice and standing up for what is right is a visceral, beautiful experience and part of what it means to be human at this time. 🔥 Lets make history! Register here: See less Social issues

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