Please Note: - This training has been designed being COVID aware and taking seriously the importance of physical distancing. - Changes to the training activities and dates may occur in line with COVID-19 precautions. - Please bring a mask, and in the event of any cold/flu symptoms do not attend. Your fee can be refunded or used for a future training session. - Please also note that this training is outside and therefore weather dependent and with limited numbers to ensure we follow all health guidelines. - We will follow every length to ensure this goes ahead, however in the event of wet weather may be postponed. ------------- The Australian government is worsening the climate emergency, which means it's up to Extinction Rebellion to take peaceful, direct action to get them to act now! Non-violent direct action or peaceful civil disobedience has a long history of success in achieving large change, from the Indian Independence Movement to the Civil Rights Movement. At this half-day workshop, you'll become empowered with these skills, so you can join Extinction Rebellion in taking climate action now. If you stick around after the workshop, we have a fun mini-action for anyone that wants to try on their brand new skills. The training covers the principles of non-violent direct action, why it works, the definition of non-violence, a legal rights briefing, and role-plays to get you ready for common peaceful civil disobedience scenarios. Please do not attend without registering as we may not be able to accommodate you in accordance with health & safety guidelines limiting the number of attendees. Registration link: