Activating reciprocity with Country, nested within Indigenous Knowing, Being and Doing, to inform XR Practice. Please note places are limited - RSVP: Participation costs: $220 Description: An Acknowledgement of Country is a practice of nesting intention and action within the energy of Country. It is an expression of love towards our Collective Mother: the Earth, originating within the heart of the person expressing it. It respects and elevates the ways of knowing, being and doing of the many Traditional Custodial language groups of this continent, who lived, for thousands of years prior to colonisation, and continue to live in reciprocity with Country today. We have an amazing privilege and responsibility as contemporary Australians to be motivated and inspired to adopt this reverence nested within our own individual contexts. So no two Acknowledgements are likely to be the same. This is an opportunity for participants to build upon their skills, confidence and knowledge to facilitate workshops to Acknowledge Country. The learning is in two stages. Alana and Drika invite you to: 1) Participate in a workshop on the 5th of December, where you will learn the basic content and facilitation tools to deliver the workshop yourself. This ‘train the trainer’ format will have deliberate pauses in the workshop flow to unpack key points and respond to questions from the group. This is a three-hour commitment. 2) Undertake the planning, delivery and evaluation of two-hour workshops supported by Alana and Drika. You may prefer to deliver independently or always with another facilitator. This is an amazing opportunity to be supported to deliver awareness that is profoundly necessary today. Guided by Alana and Drika, and supported by other experienced facilitators, you will learn important insights and skills from First Nations perspectives. No prior facilitation experience is necessary, and you will experience some enriching facilitation techniques honed over many decades. As part of the training, you will be expected to deliver at least 1-2 workshops where you will be resourced and supported with content from Alana and Drika. Venue, participant recruitment and other considerations will be navigated by local facilitators. Participant Numbers and Costs: The training is limited to 12 persons, participation costs $220 in total. Payments can be staggered, according to need. Place and Time: Derrimutt Weelam Aborginal Gathering Place, 199 Beach Road, Mordialloc Surf Club, Mordialloc, Saturday the 5th of December from 12 till 4. Please bring some lunch to share. Alana Marsh: Mer, Torres Strait Islands Indigenous Cultural Resetting / System Re-Setting / Wayapa Wuurrk Alana is a Meriam woman from the Torres Strait who has always lived on mainland Australia. She gratefully savours and shares ways of Knowing, Being and Doing from her lineage and life experiences – in a beautiful mash of Cultural Regeneration, System Re-Setting and Wayapa. All informed by the desire to be an intentional link in the chain of humanity, which also causes her heart to sing. Wayapa Wuurrk translates to “Connect Country" in the languages of the Peek Whuurrung Maara and Gunnai Peoples - two Aboriginal Australian language groups. Wayapa is a wellness modality that enables the transmission of intergenerational wellbeing by deepening our individual and collective reciprocity with our shared Mother: Mother Earth. Following thalamic strokes in 2012 (affecting the part of the brain that maintains homeostasis or function in the body), Alana became motivated to work with systems within the skin, radiating all the way into the multiple nested systems within our solar system. Alana translates this knowledge about micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic interconnectivity into her work, creating space to enable the transmission of intergenerational wellbeing. She is excited to connect with you. Drika Horton: Lives on and is nourished by the land, waters and wildlife of Boonwurrung Country. Sacred Birth Sacred Earth Doula, Living Systems Artist, Regenerative Development Steward & Co-host of Australia’s 'The Regenerative Practitioner' series in collaboration with Regenesis Group. Pronoun: she/her Healing from whole has been the river that braids the seemingly dissonant streams throughout Drika’s lifepath. With a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, healing arts and sculpture, for almost 20 years, Drika’s art practice has allowed her poetic license to explore worldviews, earth based practices and pollinate cross disciplinary collaboration. She works with whole-system thinking and creativity as a profound method for understanding the spectrum of uniqueness within living systems and to address social and environmental issues in reverence of Nature’s guiding principles of balance and reciprocity. Honouring Indigenous wisdom as the critical cosmological worldview, Drika works with the essence and potential of place and people to help heal our relationship with Country and enables others to do the same through Regenerative Development. Skills you will develop in this training How to enable an Acknowledgement of Country workshop: a) Leading the unfolding of workshop format. b) Creating a safe nourishing space of education and self reflection. c) Shedding the need to be the expert, understanding you are facilitating the discovery of how to deepen participants thoughts, feelings and actions in reciprocity with Country. d) Responding to the needs of the group prior to the workshop and on the day (and pointing to resources for participants to extend their learning). e) Assisting the identification and harnessing of unique gifts within workshop participants and the Country on which they live and act upon. f) Keeping to time frames while being respectful of individual and group needs. g) Providing clear positioning and direction of the workshop format. Setting time constraints and engaging participants in keeping to the desired tempo and pace. h) Contributing to the learning of XR within this space, nurturing new facilitators, refining the workshop and further developing the existing resource. i) Learning some facilitation techniques that are readily digestible, while engaging participants in safe, high energy sharing and growing together.