It's an Earth Day Emergency! Join us for an Earth Day celebration and our next chapter-wide action on Sunday, April 25th, the end of Earth Week. This Earth Day, we will celebrate the beauty and bounty of earth and also fight hard to protect it. Our event will begin at the Massachusetts Statehouse in Boston with a couple speakers and some climate discobedience (a choreographed dance party in the name of the earth). We will then parade around the City of Boston to express gratitude for our planet and its biodiversity while also pushing the state and city for immediate action on the Climate and Ecological Emergency. This event will be "Emergency" themed fit with climate firefighters, dancing, and lively music. Climate can't wait; 2050 is too late. We demand that the city of Boston and state of Massachusetts declare a climate emergency and act now. The parade will end with a momentous spectacle Masks and social distancing are required. Please share this event! Love and Rage Accessibility Public Sidewalks

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