Extinction Rebellion Vermont is proud to present Episode 2 of our "Rated XR" Local Climate Series, an online media discussion on the climate crisis and what we Vermonters can do about it, on Thursday, April 15. "The Climate Consensus – Creating a Multi-Institution Outreach Network" will be presented by Dr. Janel Hanrahan, Associate Professor and Chair of Atmospheric Sciences at Northern Vermont University-Lyndon. Climate change is bearing down on us and the consequences are dire. Despite this, public belief in and understanding of the climate crisis is mixed, and generally does not correspond to the latest climate science. Dr. Hanrahan will present on the disconnect and will describe recent efforts to close this gap in understanding through the creation of a climate action network. Public support of this effort will be critical for its success. The presentation will therefore be followed by an open discussion about what we can all do to help. Dr. Hanrahan earned her M.S. and PhD in Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Alberta, she researched extreme rainfall and climate change. Her current research aims to understand how human-caused climate change influences extreme weather. As the founder and director of The Climate Consensus, Dr. Hanrahan works with students to improve climate change literacy among the general public by promoting effective dialog between these groups.

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