"Right at the core of my heart's longing" A recent participant. Growing Regenerative Cultures is a deep dive exploration of what we all need, in order to be supported in surfacing our gifts and being the best possible versions of ourselves. Building on Nature's pattern language of regeneration - as explored in the "Roots of Regenerative Culture" workshop - "Growing Regenerative Cultures" zooms out to look at applying that model such that the cultures we grow in our communities truly create the conditions conducive to the thriving of all the life within, and around, them. Familiarity with Nature's pattern Language of regeneration - as laid out in the "Roots of Regenerative Culture" workshop is highly recommended in order to fully participate in this workshop. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83945252480 Feedback from previous participants: "I'm taken aback by the richness and want to say that you can't do that in 4 hours - but then again, you did!" "Something really deep revealed itself to me about the nature of humanity, or myself or both." "Somehow it went really deep. I am super grateful" "A lot of rich material to think about" "A lovely balance of small breakout rooms, taking myself for a walk halfway through with clear purpose and intention, the beautiful graphics, and information chunked down really well - I feel surprisingly uplifted for having spent 4 hours on zoom!" "I've loved my time here" https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83945252480