Join us as we parade on the Malcolm Street Bridge to celebrate what we love about this world and rage against the forces that are actively destroying it. On the line-up: FLEWNT, LUCY PEACH, INJURED NINJA, LAST QUOKKA, DELLA MOB, SELEKT FEW, JUNKADELIC and TANI WALKER. The year 2020 has not distracted us from the climate and ecological crisis. We are still here, and we’re not going anywhere! The science is clear, our planet is in crisis, our world is on fire. Our politicians, media and corporations know it. Yet they ignore it. Civil disobedience is our last resort. On November 27th we will take to the streets to raise awareness about the symbolic link between our politicians at Parliament house, and their corporate fossil fuel masters on the other side of the Malcolm Street bridge in Perth City. This is no ordinary protest. It is a Festival of Love and Rage for Action on the Climate and Ecological Crisis. And we will turn grey roadbase into life and colour, music and dance. Join us, and find out more about how you can get involved by signing up at It is time to REBEL for LIFE. #wewanttolive #climateemergency #actnow #climatejustice