Join this journey to experience the transformational self-healing practice of Breathwork, a heartfelt, active 3-part conscious breathing meditation. The intention is to support the work and community of XRLA by recognizing and nourishing the spirit of non-violence, transformation and change. We'll meet monthly on every 2nd Sunday at 9am. - Breathwork is designed to encourage clarity of purpose, connection to self and energetic healing sensations to guide you towards mindfulness and release of emotions. - Leave this session with your soul, mind, and body feeling seen, heard, connected, and supported. RSVP here: Please create a space where you can lay down undisturbed; eye mask and earbuds are encouraged, but not mandatory. A space will be held gently for you by Vanessa Quarantello of No Greater Love, certified Breathwork and Reiki practitioner and XRLA volunteer. For more information please visit

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